TU/e Industrial Design B1.2
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Competency development

After the first semester I could clearly see what competencies I had to work on this semester. Socio-cultural Awareness (SCA) needed the most improvement. I also had to pay more attention to Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling (DMM) and meta-competency Communication (C). I myself wanted to work more on User Focus and Perspective (UFP) and Form and Senses (FS). I also tried to pay more attention to the competency Teamwork (T) and kept the pace of Integrating Technology (IT) as it was. How I would work on improving these competencies can be read in my Personal Development Plan (PDP).

The graph below shows the level of awareness for each competency. What I started with this semester is in red and my development during the semester is in yellow. When hovering over a competency bar, the awareness level is shown in percentages. As shown I have now reached awareness for all competencies.


Basic Competency

Self-directed and Continuous Learning (SDCL)

Core competencies

Ideas and Concepts (IC)

Integrating Technology (IT)

User Focus and Perspective (UFP)

Socio-cultural Awareness (SCA)

Designing Business Processes (DBP)

Form and Senses (FS)

Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling (DMM)


Design and Research Processes (DRP)

Teamwork (T)

Communication (C)