TU/e Industrial Design B1.2
About Past Present Future


At the end of B1.1 I was given a PC, with the following conditions:

  • Generate a (content wise) high quality showcase that does not suffer from rushing
  • Work on your planning, you now experienced that certain activities are very time consuming, try to take that into account in your next planning, show it in your next showcase by having everything ready.
  • Work on your identity (about you as a designer) and vision (about others/product behavior/product effects), discuss it with your coach.
  • Reflect on the PDP goals you start out with at the beginning of the semester. If you did not do what you planned to do, that needs an explanation.
  • Reflect on all feedback you receive.


This semester I have thought a lot about my identity and vision as a designer, as shown on the 'About' page. Together with both the project coach and the study advisor I discovered that I do not yet have one clear vision. However, my vision explained on the 'About' page is something I want to look into and might therefore be my best option to pursue.

We also discussed a problem I have with putting my thoughts into writing. In my mind reflecting comes very natural to me. During several conversations with the project coach he told me I was reflecting as I was speaking. However, when trying to put these words into writing I get afraid of being criticized and as a result I cannot get any work done. Therefore I found the condition of reflecting on all given feedback very difficult. The reflection on my PDP goals can be found on the 'Present' page below 'Competency development' and the reflections on received feedback are below the belonging assignment/project on the 'Activities' page.
To work on this I will start carrying around a small dummy with me, using it as a kind of diary for myself. This should make it easier for me to write down my thoughts in the moment.

This semester I already started working on my showcase at the very start of the semester, making a checklist of what needed to be done and discussing this with my coach. However I found it very difficult to add dates and deadlines to it. I think I was afraid of not making these deadlines. Not drawing a complete planning from the checklist eventually resulted in procrastinating and again rushing to finish the showcase in time. Thankfully this time I could reuse parts of the html code from the previous showcase as I had carefully taken notes while making it back then. This meant the content of the showcase did not have to suffer from it this time.


More information on my first semester can be found in my B1.1 Showcase.