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Next semester still seems very far away because of the summer holiday inbetween and the fact that it will be the second year of the bachelor. I did however raise enough awareness of the SDCL to look forward to a summer of competency development. Carrying my notes/reflection dummy with me.

As I am now in the Intro committee I will be working at ID almost the entire summer long on Ideas and Concepts (IC), Form and Senses (FS), Teamwork (T) and Communication (C) and the aforementioned SDCL. Being head of the script for the Intro I will also work on my planning. As I will then be in Eindhoven far away from my hometown close to the beach I will have plenty of time next to the committee for some SDL on Communication and Integrating Technology (IT). For Communication I will practice more with Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. For Integrating Tehnology I will practice more with Javascript, JQuery and PHP. This summer I will also have meetings with a psychologist about getting my drive back so I can start next semester motivated.

During the next semester I will focus on the competencies User Focus and Perspective (UFP) and Form and Senses (FS) by following USE learning line 'The Human in Technology'. For project I will look primarily for one that focuses on Designing Business Processes (DBP), Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling (DMM) or Integrating Technology (IT). I will also focus on Socio-Cultural Awareness (SCA), as I discovered during my design history assignment last semester that this was something I missed. For Integrating Technology (IT) I want to work more with electronics, as I discovered last semester how much I liked to build and solder circuits.