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Milano Design Week 2015

The Lucid Milan trip to the Milano Design Week has been an experience of a lifetime both personally and for me as a designer. The entire atmosphere in the city was design and it was very special. What amazed me in particular was how many dutch people and brands there were ralatively to other countries. It was odd to talk with a TU/e ID graduate at the Superstudio in Milan. This also made me change my view on the DDW and the Design Academy. We even visited this last one as they had their own exhibition there, though it was a bit too artistic for my taste. This is something I realised more often throughout the week. Most of the times I was not as much interested in the looks of the designs as I was in the special techniques used for producing it, or special or new mechanisms, materials or technology integrated in the design. I was very interested in the Oled lighting for instance, as I tried to imagine how this new technology could be used in a design. This and other design highlights of the week were all found on the Salone del Mobile, a massive design event of which I am sure I will visit coming years as well. All in all this week has been amazing and on top of it this has been a boost for SCA, FS and UFP.

Illustrator & After-Effects workshops

To develop the meta-competency of Communication (C) I would learn to work with the several Adobe programmes. For Illustrator and After-effects I participated in workshops organized by Lucid. With the Illustrator workshop we had to design our own logo which we would then create in Illustrator. The idea of this was nice, however I was more focused on the designing of my logo then learning to work with Illustrator, especially since it turned out I only needed a few basic features of Illustrator for my logo. I still could not work with Illustrator except for recreating my logo. With the After-Effects workshop this was done a little better, though the pace was slightly too high to follow. Once I had made a mistake I could not follow anymore. Therefore I started following Youtube tutorials as soon as I was back home from the tutorials as everything I did learn was still fresh. This did work, however it is difficult to choose the right tutorial. For After-Effects I chose a tutorial of creating an outer space view of earth that turned out to be much too difficult and I only got more confused with the programme.

Promotional poster for the Intro-parents

Intro Committee 2015

Just before the next acadamic year starts the new first year students wil have their introduction to ID. To be a part of this introduction students going from first to second year can only participate in the Intro committee and since this will be a great learning activity as well I agreed as soon as I was asked.
By now we are in week 4 of the committee and I will be in charge of the decorations during the week within the theme, a very important job, and of the week's script. By working on the decorations I will develop the competencies Ideas and Concepts (IC) and Form and Senses (FS). Because of the responsibility of the script I will also work on my planning. By working in the committee I will also develop Teamwork (T) and Communication (C).

Solidworks workshop

At the start of project week 6 I gave my project group members a workshop in 3D modeling programme Solidworks. Because I have studied IO at the TU Delft I have had Solidworks class a whole year long and I have become quite experienced with it over time because of it. For the workshop I brought along my textbook of this class and I gave the project group members some basic excercises. Meanwhile I would walk around and help them when needed. Afterwards I uploaded some more excercises in our joined Google Drive so they could practice themselves.
I also learned that explaining makes you learn yourself as I looked at the programme from an entirely different angle and I learned some small features I had never thought of. This workshop also triggered other students, both first years and higher years to come to me for questions about Solidworks.
Together with some of these higher year students I have been discussing about giving a workshop to a bigger group.