TU/e Industrial Design B1.2
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Smart Team on a Smart Pitch

This semester I chose the project of Smart Team on a Smart Pitch in Out Of Control as it matched the competencies I had to focus on and I have a great interest in sports. The project was about designing an interactive pitch that improves the teamwork within a certain sport. We chose hockey to focus on and I thought it would be nice to get to know the hockey culture, as I had no prior knowledge of hockey what so ever. More information on the project can be found in the project report and a description of the final concept is shown in the video.

For me personally the project did not go as I had expected beforehand. During the project I somehow lost motivation and as the project coach Joachim Karelse said: I see you have the potention but I miss a drive to really go for it. As discussed with the coach and the study advisor I will meet a psychologist to help me with this problem and to get my drive back before the next semester.

Creative Apps

The previous semester I had done the assignment of Creative Programming and I noticed how much I had enjoyed it and how much it had taught me. Therefore I thought it to be wise to follow this sequel immediately after. As it turned out though, the assignment did not go as deep into programming as I had expected. In my PDP I had given myself the goal of learning Javascript and JQuery so Creative Apps could mean more to me, however this seemed unnecessary. Even though I really enjoyed the classes and it was sometimes hard to keep up during them as the pace was high, I did feel they could have just given us a list of programs to download with Youtube tutorial links to learn how to use them. Therefore there was a slight hunch of disappointment. Nevertheless, my interest in programming apps is awoken and I plan to integrate this interest into my projects from now on. For the deliverables of the assignment I could not get some of them to work. According to one of the assignors though, The ones you did deliver looked ok. These were Android 4.2.2 apps and they can be downloaded as a zip-file below. Just unzip and then download them onto your Android smartphone.


The assignment we were given for the modeling project was 'Wind and Waterspray'. For this assignment we had to produce a model which could be used for designing a fountain with a waterjet adjusting to the wind. For this we also had to take into account that the fountain would be located in the middle of a square surrounded by terraces. In the early weeks of modeling we were a bit unsure whether we were on the right track. Over time though, things became clearer and in the end I was actually quite liking working on it. Throughout the course I also gained a lot of awareness of descriptive modeling and it made me see the use of such a model within the design process.
In my PDP I had set the goal for this course to pass the test. To see whether I had prepared enough I would write a reflection every other week. As it turned out the first couple of times I did not know how to reflect on this. Before the test I was prepared much better than I would normally be, however I did not pass. This was due to me not being able to concentrate as the next two days I would run a marathon, have the physics resit and go on the Lucid Milan trip. The test itself seemed not too difficult and I have good faith in passing the resit.

Design History in Global Perspective

Since I had not covered SCA at the TU/e enough yet I chose this assignment, though I had had design history last year at TU Delft. I was therefore unsure whether this assignment would be meaningful to me. Later on the assignment proved its use for me loud and clear.
Every week saw different subjects like the film of Charlie Chaplin, 'Modern Times', which would come back during USE as well. Next to these weekly presentations we were to make a video diary of modernistic architecture in our hometown which gave me an entirely different view on where I am from (around Rotterdam). Especially since my next weekly presentation would be about the architects behind these buildings.
We also would visit the Schröderhouse by Gerrit Rietveld in Utrecht and based on that we would design a piece of furniture in his style. Looking back on this visit I realise the historical and cultural value of it and I would now recommend it to anyone. Therefore it was very unfortunate I could not actually create a 1:1 scale model of my bench design due to a simple lack of time because of the project running parallel to it.
This lack of time actually was the case during the entire assignment. Also the writing of the final report came at a hectic time and I had to choose to focus on the project report instead, resulting in not getting feedback once again. This assignment then made for a very busy quartile. It did however give my Form and Senses and Socio-cultural Awareness an enormous boost and it added the 'color' to this first year I so desparately needed. This means I will try to add 'color' to next year as well by perhaps following the assignment of 'Basic Formgiving Skills'.

The Schröderhouse My Rietveld design bench

USE Basics

Inbetween of all the facts and scientific courses and assignments, this course gave a nice alternation. It was much more filosofical, though, whithin a context of technology and this mixture really spoke to me. I therefore found the lectures actually enjoyable and I expect for the upcoming test that it will not be that hard for me to pass.