TU/e Industrial Design B1.2
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Project Ara by Google


I am a typical dreamer/thinker. I can think all day long about anything and come up with unrestrained creative ideas and solutions to problems. On the other hand, I am also a bit of a perfectionist. When an idea needs to be developed into a detailed concept, I want to develop it all the way through. For instance calculating the thickness of the material, designing parts in such a way so that the user can easily do repairments, working out the eventual production process and every other aspect that comes with it. Also, I have to put everything into pictures, drawings or other visuals because that is the only way for me to understand something. Within a group I am a groupworker, meaning that I will stimulate and support the teammembers and promote communication and teamspirit. I am not good at planning and I live very much in the moment, though I am working on it. I like minimalistic and classy products, for instance the Sony Xperia Z with its black glass and sharp corners.


Nowadays products are very quickly ‘out of date’, resulting in a lot of products being thrown away while the product could still work with a minor repair/adaptation to its current environment. I believe this is the result of companies not having enough time to properly develop their products because of fast technological progress. However, if a company would take it’s time to develop a solid basis of a product that could be adapted to its current environment I believe it would result in overall better products outselling the compitition and a reduction of the environmental footprint the consumption economy is leaving.
Inspired by the Phoneblocks project by Dave Hakkens, and the product resulting from it, ‘Project Ara’ by Google, I want to design products that can be easily adapted and/or repaired by the user thus creating durable products. My designs will consist of components that are easily detachable without damaging the product and the original design will be able to accept future updates of each component. Like the products from the past, my designs will have a lifespan of a decade.